Magnus VS Alt Alec: Who Do You Think Is The Best Shadow World Party Planner?

Alt Alec's Wonderland Party from Season 1 or Magnus's Spanish Fiesta from Season 2 -- it's a tough choice.

This week Magnus was charged with the important job of hosting a party in Max’s honor.

Of course, we all know this Warlock is amazing at throwing elaborate events, but he’s not the only one. True Shadowhunters fans might remember a little trip that Clary took to the alternate reality to find Valentine? While she was there she attended an AMAZING themed party thrown by Alt Alec Lightwood. We’ve decided to pit Malec against each other in the ultimate showdown. Check out our points below and vote for who you think is the best party planner!

1. Party Planner:

In the alternate reality of Season 1 Episode 10, Alt Alec was in charge of planning an event for Valentine. In Season 2 Episode 8, Magnus was asked to throw an elaborate party for Max Lightwood to celebrate him becoming an official Shadowhunter.

2. Theme:

Alt Alec's theme was A-MAZING! It was based on Alice in Wonderland and had lots of bright colors and quirky games. Magnus created a Spanish theme as a tribute to Maryse and Robert. There was an ice sculpture!

3. Guest of honor:

Alt Valentine was the belle of the ball at Alt Alec's Wonderland-themed event. He looked super dashing in his Mad Hatter's costume. Meanwhile, Max was the center of attention at the party hosted by Magnus. He was not wearing a hat, but we still love him.

4. Refreshments:

Alt Alec set up a punch bowl with adorable teacups and saucers to drink out of. Magnus had an open bar with everyone's favorite bartender serving the guests.

5. Music:

Alt Simon was the official DJ for Alt Alec's party so the tunes were pumping. Magnus had live guitar music and professional dancers to impress his boyfriend's mother.

6. Cutest couple:

Alt Jace (a.k.a. "Barista Jace") and Clary had some adorable moments at Alt Alec's party. But it was Simon and Clary who stole the show during their debut at Magnus' soirée!

7. Guests:

Alt Valentine invited all of his nearest and dearest to the Wonderland party, while Magnus had an inclusive mix of Shadowhunters and Downworlders. At least all of Alt Alec's guests were well behaved, unlike Maryse who made a lot of rude comments about the host during Max's celebration.

8. Cats:

Alt Alec didn't have any real cats at his party, although Alt Magnus showed Clary a vision of his pet kitty, Church. There were a bunch of our furry feline friends wandering around Magnus' apartment, but one was a Warlock in disguise. Still cute though.

9. Gatecrashers:

In the alternate reality Alt Magnus tried to get into Alt Alec's party to help Clary with her mission. Iris rudely snuck into Magnus' apartment as a tabby cat and then got in big trouble when the High Warlock of Brooklyn saw through her disguise.

10. Dancers:

Alt Izzy was tearing up the dance floor at her brother's party. Magnus hired a professional flamenco dancer for his soirée, but she just couldn't compete with Alt Izzy.

11. Danger:

Alt Alec's party was pretty tame until a Demon got through the portal and attacked both Alt and real Jace! Thanks to Iris, Magnus' party got a bit chaotic with Alec up on a ledge and Jace knocking his own mother to the ground.

12. Raj:

To be honest, Raj was pretty awful at both parties. In the alternate reality he tried to block Alt Magnus from entering the Institute until Alt Alec intervened. And, while everyone was in crisis mode at Magnus' apartment, he just bragged about getting involved in a threesome. Um, yeah ok Raj. Whatever you say.

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