Mundie Monday: Baseball Selfies and Funky Reflections

We wouldn't want you fabulous fans to miss anything so we've scoured the internet and rounded up the top things that have happened on the Shadowhunters set this week for you to enjoy!

Michael Reisz released this sneaky shot from set.

Maxim teased us with this copy of the Shadowhunters script.

Harry realized that Katherine and Alberto were more in sync than they first thought.

Jade, Katherine and Dom went for a wander through the great outdoors.

We got a peep at this rather creepy looking statue. Any ideas?

Stephanie and Isaiah headed back to NYC for a few days.

Until next time NYC! ✨😎@isaiahmustafa

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Alan gave up being a bad ass for the weekend to enjoy some baseball.

The Lightwood women looked as fabulous as always.

Paulino hung out with this lovely lady on set.

And experimented with the power of reflections.

What was your favorite thing that happened this weekend? Let us know in the comments box below.

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