Mundie Monday: Fashion, glamour, birds.

The cast is instagramming up a storm. And as per yooge, we've collected them all together for you in a neat little package...

1. Kat absolutely blowing us away with her Parisian fashion!

Pretty in Paris! #Shadowhunters #Regram from @kitkatsmeow

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2. Stephanie looking adorable in something other than her Shadowhunter gear.

The Julius House day 1 😎

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3. Matt putting us all to shame with his photography skills!

I did a filter.

A photo posted by Matthew Daddario (@matthewdaddario) on

The man can work a filter...

4. Throwback to Emeraude and Kat posing at the Upfronts.

Hey #Shadowhunters!

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With Isaiah photobombing like a pro in the background!

5. David working out in preparation for Season 2!

Picture quality sucks, but working hard!!! #gettingready #shadowhuntersseason2 #raphaelsantiago #freeform

A photo posted by David Castro (@d.l.castro) on

Although he might need a few photography classes from Matt...

6. Jade catching up on his reading!

He loves Cassandra Clare as much as we do!

7. Isaiah and Harry looking sharp at the Upfronts.

Downworlders in suits. Upfronts last week in NY.

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If this is how Downworlders look in suits then we want to see more of it in Season 2!

8. And Kat snuggling up with her puppy!

Sunday Sophie Snuggles ❥

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Sounds like the perfect way to spend your Sunday, Kat!

Which Shadow World #InstaMoment Was You Fave This Week?

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