Mundie Monday: Kitties, Tattoos, Plus Snuggly Socks!

We wouldn't want you fabulous fans to miss out on anything so we've scoured the internet and rounded up the top things that have happened on the Shadowhunters set this week for you to enjoy!

Harry said goodbye to the costume team who went all out with the glitter to bring us the Magnus we all imagined.

Wish granted, Harry. Just check out Magnus' super shiny bad-ass new ring.

This is a ring. And also a weapon. Trying out jewelry from yesterday's fitting. #magnusbane #skullsandflames

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A vampire, a werewolf and four shadowhunters walk into a tattoo parlor...

Don't try this at home. 

And come away with a little Shadowhunters souvenir...

Ink. Needles. Sheesh. 

Oh hello rune tattoos!


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That is one dedicated cast. 

Jade spent his Sunday snuggling his super cute cat!


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Maxim finally admitted that summer was over and ditched the flip flops in favour of snuggly socks.

Nicola spent her morning getting pampered ready for a day playing Mama Maryse!

What was your favorite thing that happened this weekend? Let us know in the comments box below.

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