Mundie Monday: MUST SEE Parabatai in Action!

This weekend, Cassandra Clare graced us with the opportunity to see some lighthearted fun between our favorite Parabatai, Jace and Alec. Don't be fooled though, as there was plenty more action, and it is all right here!

Jace and Alec discussed their relationship...

And ended up getting into a, let's call it a tussle.

The cast had a rematch of the Werewolf Game!

Emeraude posted this gorgeous photo of her as Izzy.

Maxim Roy has gone back to brunette. Oh the humanity!

Captain Vargas gave everyone a boxing lesson.

Stunt Coordinator Steve Lucescu and family took a spin through the set with the cast.

What could this motorcycle possibly be doing on set?!

My gorgeous Wife Nahanni @nahanni108 stopped by the set and got to ride a very special motorcycle...

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We also got a glimpse of another stunt in action!

A little movie magic in #leslieville tonight! #Toronto #film #shadowhunter

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What did you guys get up to this weekend?  Was there anything that we missed that caught your eye?  Let us know in the comments below!

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