Need Halloween Inspiration? Shadowhunters Has You Covered!


We asked everyone who was dressing up for Halloween to tweet us your costumes using #ShadowhuntersFreeformCostumeFun. Check out your great costumes below!

We got an awesome Shadowhunter trio, dressed head to toe in black!

An incredible Magnus Bane, with cat eyes and all!

You wouldn't really be Magnus unless you could absolutely nail one of his signature poses...

The creativity has been incredible, with some really amazing props being made!

No Halloween would be complete without a badass Izzy.

If you can't pull a cup out of a tarot card, can you really call yourself a Fairchild?

The High Warlock of Brooklyn look isn't complete without your very own possy!

Is someone shipping Sizzy here? 😉

It's never too late to join in the fun!

Just tweet your awesome costumes using #ShadowhuntersFreeformCostumeFun!

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