Our 20 Favorite Moments Of Matt And Alberto's Tumblr Q&A

From Season 2 talk to Alberto's zombie apocalypse ensemble, no stone is left unturned!

1. The boys donned their awesome hats for question time!

2. Alberto's favorite memory from set:

3. The happiest memory of Matt's childhood:

4. The time Alberto laughed most on set:

5. The weirdest quirk of any of the cast:

6. The best piece of advice Alberto has ever gotten:

7. How Matt's day had been up until that point:

8. What Alberto would tell his parents if he broke a light:

9. Why Matt looks so short in posters:

10. What Simon's first tweet would be:

11. Matt's opinion on foods on a stick:

12. Alberto's perfect reasoning for choosing telekinesis over flying:

13. If Alec is more confident about his sexuality in Season 2:

14. Did Alberto murder Matt?...

15. A weird story that has happened to Matt:

16. Alberto's zombie apocalypse ensemble:

17. Matt's struggle with technology:

18. How Alberto decides whether or not he trusts a person:

19. Matt's unusually delicious food concoction:

20. Hats off to the boys for a hilarious Tumblr Q&A!

What was your favorite Alberto and Matt moment?

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