Relive Every Awesome Moment Of #MatthewTakeover

Watch Matt go pumpkin crazy!

To kick things off, did you notice how freakin' perfect Matt looked during his live chat?!

He is going to have to show off his pumpkin carving skills for us ASAP!

He posted his bad ass Halloween pumpkin costume from his younger days.

He also promised that he would wear it again this year if it still fits! We expect you to keep this promise, Matt.

We received an incredible insight into what it is like to work with Matt.

You don't even want to know what we would do to get to work just one day with him...

We got to see things that he sees all day, such as this lamp human rower!

He caused us all to nervously twitch at this moment.

This bed looks fit for a High Warlock!

We learned that no one is safe from Matt's set antics...

He also shared a great shot of the cast at one of their table reads!

When #MatthewTakeover was done, he signed off with one of his classic (and awesome) animal pics!

Thanks for the hilarious takeover, Matt!

What was your favorite moment from #MatthewTakeover?

Tell us in the comments below.

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