Ruelle: The Woman Behind the Music From THAT Clace Kiss

Have you been playing, and replaying, Clace's kiss in your head for hours? You're not alone. Check out the romantic clip, complete with smooch-worthy music, right here, and learn more about Ruelle!

The gorgeous Storm by Ruelle plays when Clary and Jace finally kiss in episode seven. Check it out here!

Angels, Meet Ruelle...

Shadowhunters - Ruelle: The Woman Behind the Music From THAT Clace Kiss - 1004

Here's what you many not know. The song Storm was created specifically for the moment when Jace and Clary kiss. Like you, Ruelle is a huge fan of Shadowhunters. Her song This is the Hunt is the theme song for the series. Such a big fan, in fact, can we prove she's NOT a downworlder? 

We're obsessed with Ruelle here at HQ. Combining dark, cinematic undertones and catchy melodic hooks, Ruelle has a sound all her own. Her music has been perfect for the Shadow World, and you've heard her throughout a lot of the episodes! (For a complete list of episode music guides: Go here!)  

Her real name is Maggie Eckford (that's her! pictured above!) and her music has been featured on the Nashville Indie Spotlight album in 2014, she released the EP "Up in Flames" in 2015, and is working on a new album!

We're huge fans around here. And you should be too! Follow her on Twitter! Follow her on Facebook! Or learn more at Maggie Eckford's site!

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