SEASON 2 UPDATE! The Cast Have Started Training For The Next Season Of Shadowhunters!

We've never been so excited about exercise before!

Does this back look familiar?

Well it should because Alberto is hard at work getting ready for Shadowhunters!

Some of the cast have already started working with their personal trainer in preparation for the season ahead.

Fingers crossed for many shirtless scenes in Dom's future...

They seem to do an incredibly tough work out!

So. Much. Muscle.

Katherine is so excited to get back to fighting Demons!

Crush them, girl!

We're just so thrilled to see them all together again!

Escape room dream team right here... 👍🤓🗝⏱

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Miss you guys! *cries*

For now, let's try to stay calm. But also... SEASON 2! SEASON 2! SEASON 2!

Is this for real? Ahhhhhhhh!

Got any great workout tips of your own?

Share them in the comments! The cast might need them!

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