SEASON FINALE: Watch The Cast React To The Final Episode Of Season One!

Alliances are broken, magic books are discovered, and people are going sailing. This episode was intense! Join the cast as they watch the episode together!


Such a bittersweet moment...

Harry couldn't be there, though he clearly misses the cast and crew! :(

But Matt was there to give us some spoilers...

"Stuff happens." Thanks Matt!

While Maxim and Isaiah were looking cosy!

Welcome back, lady!

Alan was team Valentine all the way!

That man really relates to his character...

Kat was pleasantly surprised by her boys getting on!

Simon and Jace should be #endgoals!

Matt was making fun of Dom's healthy diet.

Be supportive of your bro, Matt!

Classic bromance banter!

Emeraude was complaining about the height difference between her and her onscreen brother.

Dom thought that Hodge deserved what he got.

Jon did not agree!

Matt told us about Kat's secret hand collection...


She's not denying it!


Everyone was worried about Saphael.

Simon, what have you done!

Harry kept trying to distract everyone!

Not happening, buddy.

While Isaiah was giving us a peek behind the scenes...

Matt was concerned by Camille's proposal to Simon...

And tried to give Simon some advice.

Alberto was busy supporting his werewolf buddy!

And everyone was impressed by Valentine's new boat.

Even Matt...

...But he was also worried about the consequences of Valentine's evil schemes.

Everyone was super into Izzy!

Everyone was impressed by Jon's portrayal of Hodge.

Do we hate him or feel sorry for him? #Conflicted

The cast were freaking out when Jace and Valentine had their showdown.

Matt tried to stop Jace but it was too late!

Alan was just happy to have Jace on his team!

The family that sails together stays together.

While Maxim and Isaiah were more focused on their onscreen romance.

More Lucelyn in Season 2 please!

Kat was trying to make Clalec happen.

Maybe someday...

But we know Climon is way more important!

That's a wrap on Season 1!

So what are we going to do now?

Great advice, Papa Lightwood.

Sending out love and thanks to the fans...

And start preparing for Season 2!

We're all emotional wrecks after the Finale!

How will you prepare for Season 2? Tell us in the comments!

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