Seeing Double On The Shadowhunters Set

With filming of Shadowhunters well underway, there's bound to have been the odd fight scene or two! That's why we thought it's the perfect time to make sure our fabulous stunt doubles got their time in the spotlight!

After a little bit of digging around, we managed to find our favorite Shadowhunters hanging out with their daring duos. Read on to discover some of the perks of having a double!

When it comes to stunts, our Shadowhunters don't shy away from a challenge...

I mean, we could never do this!

And we certainly would NEVER do this!!

Alberto doing some ab work before shooting -stuntman style…

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But some stunts are just a little too bad-ass for our Shadowhunters...

That's where the Shadowhunters stunt doubles come in!

After just a few short hours in hair and make up...

We were left with these deceiving duos!

Aside from doing the stunts that were slightly too daring for our shadowhunters, they proved to have other uses.

Like sharing fashion advice.

And helping with autograph signings.

Clearly our fabulous cast are adamant that they'll do most of the stunts themselves!

Here at Shadowhunters we think its about time the behind the scenes guys got some of the glory! Let us know what you think of our fabulous Shadowhunters stunt doubles in the comments box below! 

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