Shadowhunter Training with Nuno De Salles

Anyone hoping to survive in the Shadow World needs some serious training before coming face to face with any demons. We searched high and low to find you all of the best bits from trainer Nuno DeSalles' posts.

The first battle? Getting the cast to ditch their phones in favor of a pair of dumbbells.

But soon, the cast had picked up those dumbbells...

And then they started lifting parts of themselves.

Also tiny dogs.

Training w/ @albertorosende

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Nuno sent in a distraction to see how committed the cast really were to their training...

Enter Alberto.

Not even slightly fazed!

Next he tested the casts' jump-ability. First up, the skipping rope!

Then he introduced some rather large boxes...

And then even LARGER boxes...

Sometimes we're kept in the dark.

Who could it be!?

But Nuno isn't just a tough cookie. He can't resist keeping morale up with this little fur ball.

We have to say, we think all of the hard work is really paying off...

Going great, team.

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