Shadowhunters Comic Con Panel: The Big Finish!

The fifth and final set of videos from the entire Shadowhunters Comic Con Q&A panel. This is where things really started to get interesting: fans on stage! Hugs all around!

When asked if his arrow shooting skills could compare to Katniss Everdeen, Matt replied "they are vastly superior."

When asked what their favorite part of the Shadow World is, Cassie replied "my favorite part of Shadowhunter world is that anyone can become a Shadowhunter."

When asked if it was hard playing Clary when she knew so much that happens to her in the future, Katherine replied "When you're on set, you have to just forget about it. You have to forget that she becomes that strong warrior eventually and play the little girl."  

So, there you have it, the entire Shadowhunters Q&A panel from start to finish! Let us know what you thought in the comments box below. 

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