Shadowhunters Unite: Greatest Fandom Ever!

Whether you've been reading Cassandra Clare for years, or have entered the Shadow World through the awesome Freeform show, we are all one amazing Shadowhunters fandom.

Before episode seven aired Cassandra Clare shared an important message.

She asked for you all to unite together as one incredible fandom and get a special hashtag trending.

Did you work out what Cassandra Clare's favorite scene was?

Hint: It involved Simon, Java Jones and spooky lists!

Emeraude re-tweeted this beautiful message!

Katherine absolutely loved the united fandom too.

And, of course, you guys did it!

So much love for all things Shadowhunters, you guys are the BEST.

Were you a part of #shadowhuntersfandomunited? Let us know why you love being part of this fandom below.

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