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The second episode from the new season of Shadowhunters, A Door Into The Dark, aired Monday, January 9 to a hungry audience anxious to see if the latest installment could meet the same level of intensity as the first.

And boy did it ever! Right out of the gate we again see a deeply disturbed and frustrated Alec Lightwood, played by Matthew Daddario, attempting to punch away his pain in the training room. He and the other Shadowhunters still have not been able to locate his missing Parabatai Jace Wayland, played by Dominic Sherwood. Alec’s killer blows are interrupted by Clary Fray, played by Katherine McNamara, who quickly becomes his next symbolic punching bag as he lays into her with one hurtful statement after another -- the discord between them only exacerbated by Jace’s departure. The abuse doesn’t stop there as he lashes out at her again in the command center letting her know that she doesn’t belong in their world and she never will. This tirade results in Clary’s departure from the Institute and decision to return to her mundane life.

Matthew Daddario delivers another strong emotional performance as he brings the audience deeper inside Alec’s agony. We witness first hand just how distraught and tormented he is, even more so than we saw in episode one.

Shadowhunters - ShumDario News Reviews: S2E2 "A Door Into The Dark" - 1003

In addition to Alec’s tense moments with Clary we see him accompany his sister Isabelle, played by Emeraude Toubia, out into the streets of New York City to help stop Valentine’s latest evil plan.

An interesting new venture for the siblings as the audience goes along with them for several outdoor shots as they “walk the beat”, reminiscent of a police type drama. The highlight was no doubt Alec and Izzy taking on a loud mouthed and disrespectful street fighter who dares to cross a fierce female Shadowhunter. He quickly learns his lesson as Izzy handles him like a pro.

Alec defends his sister’s honor, but in the end enjoys watching her kick some major ass from the sideline. Proving once again a Shadowhunter can do anything in heels. Alec’s satisfied smile as her proud big brother is endearing and brings a new level of kinship to the pair. This gives the audience a chance to see just how close they are, and how well they work together as a team. Later, things go awry and we finally get to see Alec wield a seraph blade instead of his normal bow and arrow, which was exciting. The fight sequences and choreography continue to impress us.

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The definite high points of episode two were the interactions between Magnus Bane, played by Harry Shum Jr., and adorkable newly turned vampire Simon Lewis, played by Alberto Rosende.

Simon comes to Magnus’ loft for help to find his missing sire, Camille, and the two set out on a journey halfway around the world portaling to India to find her. Immediate sidesplitting antics occur, a much needed reprieve from the desperate situation back home, as we watch Magnus loot through Camille’s home taking back what he believes is rightfully his. Add this to Simon’s failed Encanto of Camille’s pet fire-breathing snake and his increasing concern that Raphael is about to “burn off his junk” and the audience is rolling on the floor. The two actors are absolute magic on screen, their comedic timing and wit so evenly matched it was a pure delight to witness.

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Back at the Institute we see Alec nearly collapse as the stress and strain of Jace being gone begins to take a physical toll on him.

His increasing fatigue and lifelessness is so apparent he’s grasping at walls to stand up as Isabelle stands helpless by his side. Jocelyn Fray, Clary’s mother, played by Maxim Roy, arrives with an Adamas stone from the Iron Sisters that she got from Luke which is supposed to assist in tracking your parabatai. No doubt Luke had intentions of using it himself to track Valentine, his former parabatai. Alec is resistant at first, assuming this is a ploy by Jocelyn to lure Jace away from Valentine so she can attempt to kill him again. But then once he hears Clary has been kidnapped he decides to use the stone, even after learning the attempt may kill him. The high risk situation begins much to his Isabelle’s dismay as she begs him not to go through with it. Apparently Alec would rather risk dying than live his life without Jace, a fact we see further investigated in Episode 3.

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Back to Simon and Magnus, our new favorite Odd Couple.

We see Simon has managed to snag a mysterious box from Camille’s that could possibly assist in finding her. Magnus has taken an ominous looking dagger which he tells Simon is “very important”. Obvious foreshadowing to something later in the season. Their banter captivates once again as Simon refers to Magnus as “Antique Roadshow” with all of his newly acquired treasures from India. Seriously could these two be any more perfect? The conversation finally takes a bit of a dramatic turn as Magnus confesses his tragic past and how he was alone when he first discovered his powers. He vowed that he would always try to help others who were in a similar circumstance so they wouldn’t have to go through the same fate. Simon asks if Magnus is now his “Downworld Sponsor” which is a cute moment between the two.

Shadowhunters - ShumDario News Reviews: S2E2 "A Door Into The Dark" - 1011

We end the episode with a shockingly tragic scene as Alec’s attempt at tracking Jace with the Adamas stone ends with him convulsing in a seizure and bleeding from his nose.

Jace, who is in the process of escaping Valentine’s ship with Clary also feels the effects as his nose begins to bleed. Jace jumps overboard with the help of a not quite dead yet Dot from season one, and we are left wondering if either of the two parabatai will survive this crisis.

Shadowhunters - ShumDario News Reviews: S2E2 "A Door Into The Dark" - 1013

The combination of raucous comedy mixed with intense drama leads this episode to rank as one of the best we’ve seen so far from either season.

Second only to our most cherished Episode 12, for obvious reasons. If the writing team continues with these amazingly deep and meaningful character developments together with the thrilling and dramatic plots, the production team's newly designed special effects and fight sequences, and the amazing acting talent of the cast, we feel the show is headed nowhere but up!

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