Simon Almost Gets Arrested In This Exclusive Season 2 Deleted Scene

And look who's there saving the day...

Season 2 has been so full of twists and turns it's almost hard to keep up sometimes.

This deleted scene gives us great insight into Simon's relationship with his mom. It also proves how lucky he is to have Raphael as his Vampire mentor. Check out the video below, and binge Season 1 and 2A now before the Season 2B premiere on June 5th.

We all remember when Simon's mom walked in on him drinking rat blood. He was starving after his sister found his blood stash and threw it away. Raphael came to encanto Mrs. Lewis and save the day, but the whole situation made Simon really worried about keeping his secret. That's what makes this deleted scene so heartbreaking.

Do you think Simon has a chance to live a normal life?

Share your thoughts in the comments, we love hearing from you, Angels! Watch all the episodes right here while you wait for the summer premiere on June 5.

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