Simon Lewis' Family Portrait

We finally got to see the rest of the Lewis family while poor Simon was going through some very real issues!

We first get to meet the members of the Lewis family when they decide to hold a Simon intervention.

Elaine Lewis (Christina Cox)

Shadowhunters - Simon Lewis' Family Portrait - 1002

Elaine is Simon's ever-worrying mom who is seriously starting to suspect him of suspicious activity! She even ducked out of work early in order to get the truth from him.

Shadowhunters - Simon Lewis' Family Portrait - 1003

She later finds that he is completely missing from his room with no note or message to let her know whether he's safe. You can't do that to your poor mother Simon!

Rebecca Lewis (Holly Deveaux)

Shadowhunters - Simon Lewis' Family Portrait - 1004

Rebecca, Simon's sister, usually keeps her brother's secrets safe. However, after a hysterical phone call from Maureen, where she worries that Simon may be taking drugs, Rebecca resorts to telling their mother that Simon is acting super strange. 

Shadowhunters - Simon Lewis' Family Portrait - 1005

Lucky Simon. Along with his family, Clary and Izzy, his life is absolutely filled with feisty, yet caring, women!

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