#TBT: The Cast React to Getting Their Parts

For our very first #TBT, we whipped together our cast's reactions of when they found out that they got the part!

Let's kick things off back in March, when Cassandra Clare officially announced the TV show!

Dominic Sherwood was absolutely ecstatic over getting the opportunity to play Jace Wayland.

Alberto had already been decked out with Simon glasses!

Emeraude was super excited, and could hardly contain herself.

And then the one everyone had been waiting for...

Matthew Daddario could hardly believe it when he got the part of Alec Lightwood!

Isaiah Mustafa was absolutely over the moon when he found out he got the role of Luke Garroway.

What an incredible cast huh? Tell us your initial thoughts on casting and how much you love them now in the comments below!

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