The 30 Unmissable Moments Of Mama Lightwood's Takeover!

Nicola Correia-Damude has taken a break from running the Institute to take over our social accounts for the day.

1. It was Mama Lightwood's turn for Tuesday takeover!

2. Nicola kicked everything off with her awesome plan for the day!

3. To be a top-of-the-line Shadowhunter, you have to crush it in the gym.

4. She posted a selfie with her bestie, Nick, who plays Victor Aldertree in Season 2.

We wonder if they will be besties in the show...

5. But will they get on better or worse than Maryse and Lydia?

6. We got to see how insanely complex positioning everyone for a scene can be!

7. Nicola then shared with us her favorite thing about each of her children on set! First up was Emeraude...

8. Her favorite thing about Matt...

9. Her favorite thing about Jack, who plays Max...

10. And her favorite thing about Dom...

11. She then posted a selfie with our favorite Seelie!

12. Her very favorite part of the Shadowhunters set is the stained glass windows of the Institute.

13. Nicola then held a Twitter Q&A to answer all the fans' questions!

14. What is her favorite thing about Maryse Lightwood?

15. How long does she think she could survive a zombie apocalypse for?

16. Which character would she switch places with?

17. What was her reaction to reading the (first) Season 2 script?

18. What three words would she use to describe Maryse?

19. What is her favorite thing about the Shadowhunters cast?

20. What is the one food that she would eat every single day?

21. What is her favorite thing about the Shadow World?

22. Which character does she identify the most with?

23. What is her favorite rune?

24. What is the one thing that she would take from the Shadow World and have in the real world?

25. Where would she like to travel one day?

26. How would she describe Katherine in three words?

27. How does she prepare to play a character like Maryse?

28. What was her favorite scene from Season 1?

29. Who is the biggest singer on set?

30. And then Nicola ended the takeover with a shout-out to all you amazing fans!

Thanks for an absolutely amazing takeover, Nicola!

Let us know in the comments who you would like to take over next.

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