The Shadowhunters Writer's Room

We took a spin through the Shadowhunters writer's room to uncover how these literary masterminds go about bringing your favorite book series to life. These are some people to follow, team. They're tweeting some amazing stuff.

They've all thrown themselves into the Shadow world.

And they're surrounded with Shadowhunters memorabilia.

Impressively, they all spend a good deal of time learning Cassie Clare's world like the back of their hands.

It's important to get into the mindset of a Shadowhunter with some killer black nails.

Also to keep an emergency writers' pack on hand for when the inevitable writers block strikes.

Rune. Donuts. Yes. A thousand times yes.

They work closely with the actors!

They have an office dog!

And every now and then...Warlocks drop by.

Best. Workplace. Ever.

So, there you have it! The Shadowhunters writers ritual! Let us know if you have any questions for the gang in the comments box below!

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