The Fabulous Singer Ruelle Answers All Your Questions In This Exclusive Video

Her haunting voice is perfect for the Shadowhunters soundtrack.

If you're a true Shadowhunters fan then you know all about the singer and songwriter Ruelle. She performed some of her songs live, then sat down with us afterwards for an exclusive interview. Check out her performance and answers to our questions below, then binge Shadowhunters seasons 1 and 2 right here on Freeform.

Watch Ruelle perform the Shadowhunters theme tune!

Anyone else obsessed with this song?

Try not to get too emotional when you see the Malec flashbacks...

How did you come up with the Shadowhunters theme song?

Clary is such an interesting character, we're not surprised Ruelle found her story inspiring.

Which songwriters or performers inspire you?

Anyone else a big Adele or Sia fan? Tell us in the comments.

Which of the Shadowhunters songs that you performed is your favorite?

Feeling the Malec love. ❤️

How do you feel about the Shadowhunters fandom?

She's so sweet! We love you too, Ruelle.

Tell us which Ruelle song is your favorite in the comments.

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