The Hilarious Episode Four Tweets From The Shadowhunters Cast

We love that the cast of Shadowhunters live tweet their favorite moments from each episode. Here are just a few of the comments that made us laugh the most.

Papa Lightwood teased all the #Malec fans just before episode four began!

Katherine and Emeraude were excited to tweet with you all.

And so we got started...


Poor Dom.

Dom's ankle wasn't the only thing that got broken!

We're just going to leave this here...

The cast tweeted some of their favorite moments.

Some tweets weren't quite as upbeat!

Behind the scenes the cast are always goofing off!


MALEC MALEC MALEC *hyperventilates*

The memory demon scene was awesome!

That girl's got skills!

And our favorite baddie made a mysterious appearance right at the end of the episode.

Matt managed to describe the episode beautifully in one tweet.

We're laughing so hard right now.

Are you ready to do it all again next week? Of course you are!

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