The Lightwoods Are Just The Cutest

Robert, Maryse, Alec, Isabelle and Max Lightwood are such an awesome family of feisty Shadowhunters. They are brave, loyal and loving...not to mention flat-out gorgeous. Check them out!

Aaawwww mama and papa Lightwood!

When you run into your TV wife on the way to ADR.

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The Lightwood parents have got selfies nailed.

Like father, like son.

Father and son. #shadowhunters

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Watch out Robert, you've got double trouble!

Twin smiles.

The Lightwood women are amazing.

Emeraude and Matt are so perfect as Isabelle and Alec.

The Lightwoods sure know how to pout!

Max Lightwood is such a dude. Love him!


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