The Making of Shadowhunters: Fight Training

Our Shadowhunters have been hard at work these past few weeks to improve their demon-slaying skills and learn all kinds of combat moves. Plus, an exclusive set video of a skill we've not seen before!

Learn to do some bad-ass front flips.

ShadowHunters need to do front flips, probably. Maybe probably possibly.

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Become an expert in a tricky thing.

Take one... I promise.

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Engage in some weapons training and a love triangle at the same time.

Decisions, decisions.

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Learn to lift ridiculously heavy weights...

And some not so heavy weights...

Training w/ @albertorosende

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Learn to look bad ass holding a whip.

Learn to throw yourself in all kinds of crazy positions.

#WeaponsTraining #Shadowhunters #TheBatcave #Starkworking #TheMortalInstruments

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Make fending off multiple demons look easy.

Basically become an all-round bad ass.

And because it's a skill we've never seen before, here's a quick exclusive set video...

Standing perfectly still. Very fast. 

What would your killer move be if you were a Shadowhunter? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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