The Most Awesome Moments Of David Castro's Takeover!

What happens when you give a vampire your social account for the day?

1. David was super excited for Takeover Tuesday!

And was absolutely rockin' the shades too.

2. We were lucky enough to get a tour of his awesome trailer and all of its hidden secrets.

3. First job of the day: make sure his hair is perfect.


4. Then vamp-up with the make-up crew!

5. Be honest people, have you ever seen a more adorable vampire...

6. ...who is also slightly terrifying?

Are you working on Raphael's unlimited range of scowls and shady looks by any chance, David?

7. For the good of all Downworlders, we NEED an answer to this question: who would win at pool between Raphael and Luke?

Our money would be on Raphael -- being immortal means you have a lot of extra time to practice...

8. David then held an awesome live chat where he answered questions from fans!

9. Eventually, he had to say goodbye after a great day...

In our personal opinion you should do this forever, David.

We hope you enjoyed this awesome takeover!

Let us know in the comments who you would like to see for the next Tuesday Takeover.

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