The Music In Season 2 Episode 13 Was Perfect. Listen To All The Songs Here

Including an original song performed by Alberto Rosende ❤️

Each week Shadowhunters gives us new songs to fall in love with. Check out the season 2 episode 13 music guide below, and watch the full episode right here on Freeform.

Clary books a show for Simon.

'Rebel Babe' by Kingswood plays on the jukebox at the Hunter's Moon as Clary surprises Simon. Meanwhile, Jace tries to flirt with a Seelie.

Dot arrives at Magnus' apartment.

We hear the soulful 'I'll Remember' by Emi Secrest as Dot comes to check up on her old friend.

Jace gets into a fight with Maia.

Things get heated when Jace tries to carry out the Clave's new orders. 'Small Problems' by The Bulls plays in the background during this tense scene.

Magnus and Dot reminisce together.

'Sleeptalking (Technocrat Remix)' by Evan Geesman plays softly as the two Warlocks talk about old flames.

A crowd gathers at the Hunter's Moon for Simon's show.

We hear the super catchy 'Live on Love' by Rad Planet playing as Clary tries to boost Simon's confidence.

Simon performs while Jace apologizes to Maia in the alley.

Simon launches his solo career with the beautiful 'Fragile World', an original Shadowhunters song performed by Alberto Rosende!

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