The Official Shadowhunters EP Has Just Been Released! Listen To All The Songs Here

Including original music by Ruelle and Alberto Rosende.

The Shadowhunters soundtrack has always been amazing. And now you can own the official digital EP, featuring six incredible original songs from the show. Listen to them all now on Spotify or check them out below. And remember to get your copy of the EP on Friday, July 21 on platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more.

1. 'This is the Hunt' by Ruelle

All Shadowhunters fans will recognize Ruelle's amazing theme song, which was specially composed for the series.

2. 'Fragile World' by Alberto Rosende

Simon performed 'Fragile World' at his solo show at the Hunter's Moon in season 2 episode 13.

3. 'Murmurs' by Alchemy 3

We heard this song in the premiere of season 2 when Clary reunited with her mother in the Institute's garden.

4. 'The Lifeboat' by Liam O'Donnell

Malec's first date in season 2 episode 6 was a magical Shadowhunters moment, and 'The Lifeboat' was written for the scene.

5. 'Blood Rose' by birthday

This beautiful song accompanied Max's rune ceremony in season 2 episode 8.

6. 'Royal Blue' by Alberto Rosende

Simon practices parts of this song in season 2 episode 17 but you can only hear the full version on the EP.

Listen to them again on Spotify now.

Tell us which track is your favorite!

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