The Return of Fandemonium Friday: With Exclusive Photos!

We sent out some great sneak peeks to fan sites and they posted some great stuff! Find other great Shadowhunters sites to keep up with here!

First up! The good people over at Magnus_Bae

And, check out our pals over at Mortal Instruments Infernal Devices!

Check out the photo they posted here. 

We wrote about them a while back (read more here!)

Ooh Ooh! And the good people over at Shadowhuntersseries!

Follow them on instagram here! 

Our pals at Mundie Moms put up a great exclusive photo as well.

To see the exclusive they posted, go here to check it out. 

We're big fans of the peeps over at MundieMoms. We wrote about them earlier, go here for that!

And! And! NephilimUpdates posted this groovy shot of Climon and Jace

Follow them on Instagram here and you can also find them on twitter here!

And last but not least! The nice peeps over at!

Great photo of Alec and Izzy here!

And take a spin through the article we wrote about them a while back!

What's your favorite fansite!? Let us know in the comments below?

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