The Shadowhunters Guide to Training

Shadowhunters. They have to be in great shape. It's just a job requirement. And the cast has really embraced this and gone to town. And fortunately for all of us, they're documenting pretty much all of it on social media.

Always get a good breakfast, that's like fitness 101.

Also, remember that some light rivalry never hurt anyone!

Training with the boys!

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Start with a bit of intense cardio. Basketball is always a winner.

Work on your upper body strength.

And learn how to throw a punch or two.

Master the art of parkour.

But try not to get hurt.

Good job Dom!

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Learn to dangle from obscure objects.

Alberto doing some ab work before shooting -stuntman style…

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And throw your body in all manners of unnatural positions.


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Soon being upright will feel incredibly odd.

Have a friend on hand to spur you on when you hit the inevitable workout wall.

And help you lift the equivalent of two small mundies.

Raising two corpulent objects against gravity. #ILikeLiftingHeavyThings #WhoNeedsHelpMoving @albertorosende

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Because when you reach the other side you'll be one seriously dangerous demon slayer.

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