The Unmissable Songs From Episode Three: Part One

We love to hear how many of you are obsessed with the Shadowhunters soundtrack. Here's your latest musical fix! We've even got the full scenes that the music features in as an added treat for you all.

Clary's got skills!

When Jace is teaching Clary how to use a seraph blade correctly you can hear Tear Us Apart (instrumental) by Honora. We don't know about you but all we could think was "feels" throughout this whole scene. Who knew graveyards could be so romantic?

Seelies can't lie.

Fog by Kids & Chemicals is playing in the background when Izzy and Meliorn are trying to get information out of each other. We knew Downworlders and Shadowhunters didn't need to be mortal enemies, really.

"Shouldn't you be teaching me to fight vampires or something?"

When Clary peels away reality and sees the Shadow World beneath, Garage Party by Mr. Jigga is playing. Clary's journey towards becoming a proper Shadowhunter is almost complete.

Brad enchants Clary!

Civil Twilight's Holy Dove is playing when Clary gets charmed by Brad in Hardtail. It is so cute seeing how protective Jace is, you know that one false move and Brad will officially be dust!

Keep checking back for part two. Do you have any favorite songs so far?

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