The Unmissable Songs From Episode Three: Part Two

Episode three was packed with amazing songs - so we've got a whole new set for you to check out just now. Which of these would be on your 'flying through the air on a modified motorcycle' playlist?

Bloody Mary? Original recipe.

The perfectly titled Trap (J Paul Mix) by Elizaveta plays throughout Camille's spellbinding attempts to get information out of Simon who is a little too willing to spill Clary's secrets! We're getting a little woozy just watching the poor guy! Surely a Bloody Mary is the last thing he needs right about now. Go here to find the song on iTunes!

"Don't you trust me?"

As our demon fighting duo fly off in to the night sky you can hear the amazing Invincible by Ruelle. A bird's eye view of New York City sounds pretty perfect to us. Mundie boys just don't stand a chance when it comes to dream dates do they?

We thought love triangles were complicated enough!

Oh my gosh there are just too many longing looks in this clip, we can't deal with them all! Indigo Puff by Layla is the beautiful music in this scene that is destroying us with it's cuteness.

We can't wait to hear episode four's soundtrack, we're in love!

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