There Ain't No Fight Like A Downworld Fight Unless Valentine Activates The Soul Sword

Time to compare the two biggest Shadow World fights of the year!

The big fight scene between Valentine and the Downworlders in the Winter Finale was AMAZING!

The Vampires, Werewolves and Seelies all joined together to defeat Valentine and destroy the Soul Sword. It totally reminded us of that time that Luke's pack and Raphael's clan combined to free Meliorn and prevent a war between the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders. We've compared the two big battles so that you can decide which one is your favorite!

1. Battlefield: Outside the City of Bones VS. The Institute

In Season 1, Clary's team confronted Alec and the other Shadowhunters outside City of Bones to save Meliorn's life. In the Winter Finale, The Downworlders invaded the New York Institute while the wards were down to prevent Valentine from using the Soul Sword.

2. Opposition: Alec and Lydia VS. Valentine

At the battle in Season 1, Alec and Lydia represented the Clave and ended up on the opposite side to Clary, Jace, Izzy and Simon. They were determined to follow the rules even if it meant starting a war with the Seelies. Valentine was the ultimate villain in Season 2 when he tried to eradicate all Demon-blooded creatures using the Soul Sword.

3. Ringleader: Clary VS. Luke

When Meliorn was arrested in Season 1, Clary was determined to save him. She inspired the Werewolves and Vampires to work together. In the Winter Finale, Luke trusted Jace and Clary to destroy the Soul Sword. He convinced the Werewolves, Vampires and Seelies to put their trust in the Shadowhunters and help destroy Valentine.

4. Motivation: Meliorn being interrogated at the City of Bones VS. the Soul Sword being activated

The Downworlders united in Season 1 to save one of their own. In Season 2 they united to save their community. Both are pretty good reasons!

5. Haters: Raphael VS. Maia

Raphael didn't want to team up with the Werewolves in Season 1, but he let himself be persuaded. In the Winter Finale, Maia was furious at Luke for always defending the Shadowhunters instead of protecting his own people. But she decided it was worth a shot to deactivate the Soul Sword.

6. Injuries: Raj VS. Meliorn

During the Season 1 battle, Izzy had to use her whip to get Raj out of the way. He later used that to rat her out to Lydia! But Meliorn literally got stabbed during the Winter Finale fight so he definitely got the worse deal. At least he didn't let that stop him from helping Luke and Maia.

7. Deaths: Jalec's Friendship VS. Alaric and a lot of Downworlders

Technically no one died during the Downworlder union in Season 1, but Jace and Alec had a really horrible fight and we thought they would never be friends again! Thank the Angel we were wrong. However, the Institute battle in Season 2 resulted in quite a lot of deaths. Alaric and other members of the Jade Wolf pack, a lot of Brooklyn Vampires and many of Meliorn's Seelie friends were destroyed when Valentine activated the Soul Sword. RIP you noble warriors.

8. Result: Meliorn was freed VS. Valentine was captured

Clary and her team managed to save Meliorn's life during the Season 1 battle against the Clave. But the capture and incarceration of Valentine during the Winter Finale was a HUGE victory for the Shadowhunters and Downworlders. Viva la revolution!

Do you suddenly want to re-watch both of these episodes? Well, you can binge Season 1 and 2 right here on Freeform!

Tell us which fight you liked better in the comments.

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