These Videos Of The Cast Filming Season 2 Episode 14 Make Us Love Them Even More

If that's even possible.

Try to watch these behind-the-scenes videos without smiling -- we dare you!

Every one of these clips is golden: the Domberto bromance, new cast members, and set secrets. Watch season 2 episode 14 and then tell us what other behind the scenes moments you want to see. We have got you covered.

1. First a visit to the Seelie forest with Dom, Kat and Alberto.

You can tell they are finished shooting the scene because Dom is back to speaking in his British accent.

2. Meet the actress playing our Seelie Queen.

Lola is adorable in person, and kills it as the ancient fairy leader.

3. Want to see Alberto goofing off behind Dom's back?

Actors need to show a range of emotions. This is really good practice for Alberto...

4. Dom got some great advice from a statue.

It takes a lot of courage to let a man of stone tell you what to do.

5. Alberto got in big trouble for using "no-no" words.

Lola is not letting you get away with that kind of language.

6. Isaiah and Alan got ready for their big fight scene.

So relieved that no one got hurt. Valentine may be evil, but we love Alan Van Sprang.

7. Dom and Alberto played a very unusual biting game.

Some bromances are...complicated.

8. We want to learn Lola and Dom's secret handshake.

It's not too difficult, unless your handshake partner is a giant.

9. Alberto and Lola explained exactly what was going on in their scene together.

Can Lola become a regular cast member? She's amazing.

10. And we found out how they made that super realistic snow.

Who doesn't love playing in soapsuds?

Do you have a favorite clip? Tell us in the comments.

And watch all the magic of the Seelie realm in season 2 episode 14 now streaming here on Freeform.

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