This Shadowhunters Playlist Is Everything A True Clace Fan Will Ever Need

You won't find better Clace tunes anywhere else 🎶

With the Shadowhunters season 2 finale quickly approaching, this will be the last of the playlists from an amazing season 😭. To cheer you up, we've saved one of your favorite ships for last: Clace. These tracks capture every electrified moment shared by this star-crossed couple. Listen to the playlist below and let yourself be transported to the breathtaking relationship of Clary Fray and Jace Wayland. Then read on for exclusive commentary from Shadowhunters music supervisor, Lindsay Wolfington.

Clace's playlist:

From the moment he met her, Jace has been in love with Clary, and while circumstances continue to complicate their feelings, they're perpetually drawn to each other. Will Clace's magnetic attraction ever develop into a real relationship? Listen to this playlist while you wait to find out the answer to that burning question.

Lindsay gives some insight into the tunes behind Clace:

"These were songs that played in highlighted Jace and Clary moments this season, and some songs we had considered for those spots, but didn’t use! The vibe of all these songs sound like the show and the lyrics of these were ones we thought fit Clary and Jace’s love story: “Ocean Eyes” made us think of Jace and his glowing eyes; “Find Me” because Jace and Clary are always coming back to each other (and saving each other); and “Untitled,” “Low” and “1000x” are dreamy love songs that we would love to see in a Clace scene!"

Which song from the Clace playlist is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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