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We've scoured the Internet for Shadowhunters fandom, and this week, we've chosen! This fabulous site brings you all of the latest Cassie Clare news and is a great place to follow everything from the books to the upcoming TV series.

This week's fansite call-out is dedicated to who released an exclusive behind the scenes photo of Isabelle, and then a sneak something extra because they were feeling super generous!

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We were lucky enough to chat with Tanvi at this week to find out just what they thought of our favorite book series. Here's what they had to say...

What's's Main Goal?

I've been an entertainment blogger for almost a decade now, and while I love all The Mortal Instruments fan sites out there, I was so surprised that there were no tributes to Jace and Clary specifically. They're one of my favorite fictional couple of all time and I thought - well, if no one else is doing it, maybe I should! Apart from the news on the show and the books, we also have sections dedicated to the duo. My aim with is to bring focus on the love story at the heart of this epic saga.

What do you love the most about The Mortal Instruments?

The entire world that Cassie has created is fantastic! I picked up the books on the Sunday right before City of Fallen Angels was released and by mid-week, after barely getting any sleep, I was done and couldn't believe I had to wait for the next two books. It was crazy how much I felt like these characters were my real life friends and I just wanted to know what happens next. I love, love these characters, and how Cassie interweaves all the rest of the books as well.

What are you looking forward to most about the TV series?

TV is such an amazing medium to tell an expansive, all-encompassing story like The Mortal Instruments. I'm especially excited to see the world come alive! There's so much to explore, the many interactions between the characters, the Institute set, and also the City of Glass when we eventually get there.

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