This Week's Fandemonium Friday: Mortal Instruments Infernal Devices

We've scoured the Internet for Shadowhunters fansites, and this week, we've chosen Mortal Instruments Infernal Devices, bringing you all of the latest Cassie Clare news and is a great place to follow everything from the books to the upcoming TV series.

This week's fansite call-out is dedicated to Mortal Instruments Infernal Devices, who have released some exclusive set photos for all to see on their tumblr!

Check them out here!

When the #shadowhunters set is so gorgeous it doesn't need a filter! 😍 #mortalinstruments #Shadowhunterstv #cassandraclare

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We were lucky enough to chat with Elise at MIID this week to find out just what she thought of our favorite book series. Here's what she had to say...

How did the site get started?

Mortal Instruments Infernal Devices was founded in 2010 after I had read the first two Mortal Instrument books! I immediately found myself captivated by the Shadow World and so I originally created the site for my own personal interest. I had no idea that it would pick up so quickly! Since then, we have added some amazing members to our team, including my co-admin Jen, to help fuel the frenzy of our Shadowhunters community! We cover the books, the movie adaptation and now the television show!

What is your favorite thing about the book series?

You can't ever pinpoint one favorite thing when it comes to books, especially with the Shadowhunters series! When I first read the books, they came across as really different to me. You discover this hidden world filled with downworlders, shadowhunters and mystery, all blended with Clary just trying to be a normal teenager. You get to know all the characters and learn about their stories. Cassandra creates so much additional content for us such as The Bane Chronicles and her tweets even reveal new information! We're a very lucky fandom!

What are you looking forward to most in the television series?

I am beyond excited to see the Shadowhunter world brought to life on television! The cast and crew have an opportunity to really dig into the Shadowhunter world and take us on a journey of discovery! I think I am most looking forward to seeing how the world is portrayed and it feels as though it's going to be new and exciting for both new and old fans! From what we have seen so far, with all the behind the scenes and exclusive content, I think we are in for a real treat!

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