This Week's Fandemonium Friday: TMI Source

We've scoured the Internet for Shadowhunters fandom, and this week, we've chosen TMI Source! This fabulous site brings you all of the latest Cassie Clare news and is a great place to follow everything from the books to the upcoming TV series.

This week's fansite call-out is dedicated to TMI Source, who released an exclusive behind the scenes video of Dom and Katherine during their promo shoot AND a little added extra! 

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We were lucky enough to chat with Alyssa Barbieri, Editor at TMI Source this week to find out just what they thought of our favorite book series. Here's what she had to say...

What's TMI Source's Main Goal?

TMI Source was founded as a fan site for Cassandra Clare's book series back in 2010. We wanted to create somewhere where fans could come and get all of the latest news about Cassie's books, and later the movie adaptation and now Shadowhunters.

What do you love the most about The Mortal Instruments?

The greatest thing about Cassie's books are the characters that she has created. A story can only carry itself so much. If you don't have compelling characters that are truly living and breathing in a fictional world, then you're not going to care as much. That's what's so great about all of Cassie's books from The Mortal Instruments to The Infernal Devices and to the future series in the works, her characters are each unique and have had a significant impact on millions of fans. The plots in her books are incredible, but it's her characters that are the true heart of these series and why these books are so important to fans.

What are you looking forward to most about the TV series?

What I'm most looking forward to with the TV series is seeing Cassie's characters come to life. My favorite thing about these books are the characters she created, so I'm really hoping to see these characters that I've loved for eight years faithfully brought to life. Sticking with the characters, I really am looking forward to the portrayal of the female characters on the show. One of the amazing things with Cassie's books are the incredibly strong female characters that she's created. It's important for young women to have good role models, whether it's in Cassie's books or Shadowhunters.

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