Three Original Shadowhunters Songs Have Just Been Released! Listen To Them Here

These songs were written specifically for the show and they're amazing!

The soundtrack in Season 2 has been fantastic so far, and now three previously unreleased songs are available for download. Watch the videos below to relive the moments of these songs featured on Shadowhunters. Plus, Sam Hollander, who wrote and produced all original Shadowhunters Season 2 songs along with Grant Michaels, provides some special insight into how he created all three songs.

1. Clary and Jocelyn reunite.

In this moving scene from S2E1, Clary meets her mother in the Institute's garden. She's overjoyed to see Jocelyn but still feels betrayed that her mother kept The Shadow World a secret from her. Jocelyn explains that all she wanted was to protect her, and she promises never to lie to Clary again. Alchemy 3's beautiful 'Murmurs' makes this moment even more special. Get the song here.

Sam: "As a parent, wow, this is such an intense scene between Clary and Jocelyn. 'Murmurs' has this haunting tone of reconciliation. I wanted it to stay positive but reflect the obvious tension at play."

2. Malec discuss their past relationships.

In S2E6, Malec finally find time for their first real date! They clearly have great chemistry together but things get awkward when the topic of exes comes up. Under pressure from Magnus, Alec reveals he's never been in a real relationship. 'The Lifeboat' by Liam O'Donnell is playing on the jukebox and creates a fun, upbeat mood. Find it here.

Sam: "I had an idea that this one was gonna react big time. It's such a great moment. 'Lifeboat' is 100 percent flirty groove. It's that late night eastside bar floor starter. As a fan, I love Harry's work in this scene."

3. Max's Rune Ceremony.

In the final scene of S2E8, Max completes his Rune Ceremony. It's a solemn occasion, but also a happy one. After all the emotionally draining drama of Magnus' party, Max's success is a relief and gives us hope for the future of the Shadow World. 'Blood Rose' by birthday is the perfect music choice for the scene. Listen to it again here.

Sam: "I'm a huge birthday fan. He sang the vocal and he has this raw ethereal power which adds this spooky intensity to the Rune Ceremony. I love how the track almost provides the choir to the service."

Sam also answered some of the questions we had about his song writing process:

What inspirations did you draw from when writing/producing the music for Shadowhunters?

Sam: Well, obviously the show itself for one. As I dug in, I tried to take various random journeys throughout Los Angeles to strange, deserted parts of the city. I love this kind of adventure. This city screams out textures that are perfect for the musical tone of the show.

What did you enjoy most about the process of writing music for Shadowhunters?

Sam: The people! I love working with Matt, Darren, Todd on the creative. They’re not just running Shadowhunters, they have great taste and are all actually musicians with tremendous perspective (as well as being A+ humans!). Lindsay and Freeform’s own Tricia are both amazing as well. It’s such a sweet unit to collaborate with. Factor in the wonderful Kat and crew and it’s all joy!

**Todd Slavkin (Showrunner), Darren Swimmer (Showrunner), Matt Hasting (Executive Producer), Lindsay Wolfington (Music Supervisor), Tricia Holloway (Freeform Music Executive)

Can you tell us about the artists and how you chose who would sing each song?

Sam: birthday is a new artist who I’m particularly fond of. He’s beginning to get tons of blog love. I think he’s gonna have a great ’17. What drew me to Alchemy 3 was her tone. She’s an amazing vocalist and also a total sweetheart. Liam O’Donnell is a tremendous writer in his own right (Fall Out Boy’s “Uma Thurman” etc) but he such a distinctive tone that felt perfect for that Malec moment so I phoned in the favor and begged him to sing 'The Lifeboat'!

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