Top 10 Things You Might Have Missed: Peace, Love, and Cuddles

Many things went down in the Shadow world this week, and to make sure you didn't miss anything we have put together a list of our favorite things from cast and crew.

1. We start off with...Jace. You know, doing this .

2. Sophie wished everyone a Happy National Dog Day!

3. Check out this throwback photo of Alberto as a doctor.

The only time I thought I'd be a doctor #tbt #drbabyalberto

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What could have been...

4. Alan and his son headed to a theme park!

4. Magnus is watching you.

5. Holy cow! Whose hands could they possibly be?

6. Here's a live action shot of our beautiful heroine.

7. And a couple of great practice stunts!

8. Ouch...

9. Peace and love guys.

Too cool for school! Boom! #setlife #bts

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10. This may be the cutest video we've ever seen.

Alberto & Sophie 👦🐶💖 #FeelGoodFriday #setlife

A video posted by Shailene.🌼🌱 (@shaileneg) on

Let us know what you think of all the buzz from this week, and make sure to point out anything that we have missed.

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