Travel And Training: Here's What The Cast Has Been Up To!

Want to take a trip to Argentina? Or learn how to box? We've got all the details here!

Our two favorite ladies celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘❤️ Katherine & Emeraude #Shadowhunters

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They're really determined to get the luck of the Irish!

Maxim seems to have "borrowed" someone else's dog...

Don't forget to give him back to his owner!

While Harry was off literally dancing in the streets!

Found a random tango partner in the streets.

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Isaiah showed off his shooting skills.

You do not want to get on his bad side...

And Stephanie went bonkers on a bag.

Another dangerous person to cross!

Kat showed us some BTS photos from episode 10.

So, what did you think of #TheWorldInverted? @shadowhunterstv @freeform ➰💜✨

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The alt cast is so cute!

While Harry mourned the loss of his cats...will they ever come back?

There has to be a way to transfer them into this universe!

And Isaiah took pictures of Joel watching Alberto sleep.

That seems totally normal...

We love these guys so much! Thankfully, they're coming back for Season 2!

To season 2! #shadowhunters

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It's only going to get better and better...

Here's to ten more seasons after that!

Happy Friday, Angels!

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