[VIDEO] Getting Up Close And Personal: Alec Lightwood

The oldest of the Lightwood siblings, Alec is portrayed by actor Matthew Daddario. A thoughtful and conflicted character, Alec feels a strong sense of responsibility to look after the thrill-seeking Jace and Isabelle. See more about Alec's story in the video below.

Alec Lightwood (Matthew Daddario)

More cautious than some of his fellow Shadowhunters, Alec Lightwood is a calm, authoritative presence during a demon hunting mission. Alec's weapon of choice is a handsome set of bow and arrows, but he's also pretty handy with a seraph blade. Alec and Jace are Parabatai, brothers in arms with intertwined souls. The two Shadowhunters share a bond deeper than any human could have, or even understand.

Shadowhunters - [VIDEO] Getting Up Close And Personal: Alec Lightwood - 1003

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