[VIDEO] Getting Up Close And Personal: Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis, everyone's favorite Mundie, is brought to our screens by newcomer Alberto Rosende. Clary's BFF is delightfully cute and awkward and is most definitely not prepared for what the Shadow World can throw at him. Watch the video below and get to know him a little better.

Simon Lewis (Alberto Rosende)

Simon Lewis is the best friend we all wish we had to help bring the laughs when our lives are feeling a little 'mundane'. Utterly loyal, sweet and thoughtful, Simon is Clary Fray's rock and has been since they were six years old. When Clary enters the Shadow World Simon must abruptly face facts that he's no longer the main guy in her life. Cue endless sparring matches between Simon and Shadowhunter Jace Wayland.

Shadowhunters - [VIDEO] Getting Up Close And Personal: Simon Lewis - 1003

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