Watch Alberto Perform Two Original Songs In These Shadowhunters Music Moments

His music is just beautiful 🎵

Season 3 of Shadowhunters has treated us to some incredible music by the multi-talented Alberto Rosende. His songs 'Nightshade' and 'Michelangelo' are both out now on Hollywood Records. We can't get enough of these catchy tunes -- check out the music moments from season 3 below and stream both songs now.


Simon sang 'Nightshade' when he was a prisoner of the Seelie Queen in episode 1. As the Queen herself said, "Not since Mr. Bowie has the Seelie World been so entertained." Download your copy right here.


Despite Kyle's warning to stay away from werewolves, Simon performed his new and incredibly catchy song to a packed Hunter's Moon in the final scene of episode 5. Download the full song here.

Hear these songs and more in the Official Shadowhunters Spotify Playlist:

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