We Dare You To Try And Get Through Will Tudor's Takeover Without Falling In Love

Don't miss his fan Q&A and a sneak peek of Sebastian.

1. The brilliant Will Tudor took over our social accounts for the day, giving us a chance to get to know the new face of the Shadowhunters cast.

2. He was very excited for his turn at Takeover Tuesday, and celebrated with a delicious cup of tea.

3. We have no idea what his character Sebastian is like, but THOSE are the eyes of a man you can trust.

4. Soon he was whisked away to the Shadowhunters set to get his acting on.

5. While trapped in the Shadowhunters tweet suite, Will took some time out to have a jam sesh.

6. You can watch his entire live chat below.

7. While on set, he bumped into Alan Van Sprang.

We wonder what those two talk about.

8. Before saying goodbye, he shared a sneak peek of Sebastian in the premiere of Season 2B!

Thanks for being so damn adorable during your takeover, Will!

You can get ready for the Shadowhunters Season 2B premiere on June 4 by rewatching all the latest episodes here.

What was your favorite moment of Will's takeover? Let us know in the comments.

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