We Got To Know The Newest Member Of The Shadowhunters Cast During #NickTakeover!

He's definitely our new man crush.

1. It was Nick Sagar's turn to do a Tuesday Takeover!

2. Nick plays Victor Aldertree, the Clave representative that will appear in Season 2!

3. He is busy getting in shape for the role. We support you Nick! #Swoon

4. Although, it doesn't look like he needs much help.

5. He took us on a tour of Runyon Canyon and worked that selfie stick like a pro!

6. This guy is hilarious so we know he's going to fit in with the cast no problem.

7. If Mama Lightwood and Aldertree started a band we would follow them on tour. No hesitation.

8. Nick took us behind the scenes to get a closer look at life on set...

9. And then answered all our fan questions! What a guy...

10. He told us which supernatural being from the Shadow World he would most like to be:

11. His favorite thing about Victor Aldertree is:

12. He told us which character he would play if he could choose another one:

13. Then it turned out he was joking. What a rollercoaster ride of emotions!

14. He gave us some insight into working with Emeraude:

15. And, most importantly, he admitted he loves the fandom! That's all we needed to hear.

16. We are so glad we got to know the newest member of the Shadowhunters cast!

Do you think Aldertree will be a fantastic addition to the Shadowhunters world?

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