What is your Shadowhunter name?

All Shadowhunters face a troublesome challenge when it comes to choosing their Nephilim names. Here is the the official Shadowhunters Name Generator to assign yours!

Choosing your Shadowhunter name can be tough...

According to The Shadowhunters Codex (a book that outlines the laws of the Nephilim for those new to the Shadow World), your Shadowhunter name should reflect your morals but remain relatively inconspicuous. There's a highly complex process in line to help you choose your Nephilim name, and unfortunately this deems names like Firedance and Dragonrider as unsuitable! 

So, instead of getting yourself into a naming nightmare, why not use the official Shadowhunters Name Generator instead! Just tap "Generate Name" to find yours!

Easy Peasy.

What Shadowhunter name did you get? Let us know in the comments below and share your name on Facebook or Twitter!

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