Will Tudor Introduces Himself And 10 More Cast Moments You Might Have Missed!

Our Sebastian is finally here and we are so excited!

1. Will introduced himself and talked about playing Sebastian!

He's so beautiful and charming and perfect.

2. And everyone wanted to welcome him into the Shadowhunters fam!

Clary & Sebastian... and so we finally meet... Welcome @WillTudor1! #ShadowhuntersSeason2

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He's fitting in already.

3. Dom must be pleased to have a fellow Brit on the show!

Missed @WillTudor1 & @DomSherwood's Facebook Live? Click the link in our bio to watch now! 🎥 #Shadowhunters

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We'll see if Matt accepts that Will really is British!

4. Matt got caught playing with the Institute's sword collection.

He can get away with anything with those eyes!

5. Alisha couldn't contain her excitement at being back on set!

back on set= dance party

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She's got all the moves.

6. These three Downworlders posed like a boy band!


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Mixtape coming soon. Hopefully.

7. Isaiah was sightseeing in the most spectacular locations.

"Slowly I turn..."

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Awesome but a bit scary -- just like Isaiah's character!

8. Harry was looking classy and sophisticated.


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We're loving the hat.

9. And he took this perfectly timed selfie!

Blowing off some steam...

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Or is this some kind of Warlock magic?

10. Jade was relaxing with his super serious looking cat, Tiger!

"Just chillin. You?"

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They both look so relaxed right now.

11. Maxim and Isaiah were feeling the love before a very emotional episode.

There's some #Joceluke happening in tonight's episode... ➰♥︎

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No matter what happens, we'll love this couple forever.

Remember you can catch up on all of Shadowhunters so far right here at Freeform!

Are you looking forward to seeing Will play Sebastian? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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