You Haven't Seen Episode 9 Until You've Watched It With The Cast!

Afraid you missed some of the cast's Shadowhunters antics from last night? Luckily we haven't!

Looks like the cast were just as excited about this episode as we were!

Thanks for the exclusive preview, Matthew....

Is #Vampstatus the best hashtag ever?? Probably!

Sadly Dominic was unable to partake given that he was literally in mid air!

But he made sure he gave us a few treats beforehand all the same.

He really knows what we want to see...

And luckily his parabatai was ready to fill that void...or was he??

Matthew channeled his inner Jace/Dom to shoot down Clary/Kat's moment of triumph!

Those guys are really committed to their character rivalry, both on and off the screen!

Jade was all of us watching the latest Clace kiss

While Harry pondered the deeper meaning behind public displays of affection...

All the stars are clearly just as obsessed with Malec as we are!

Alec when you hurt Magnus you hurt all of us!!

But opinions changed when Magnus helped Jace and Clary trick Alec...

Meanwhile some of the cast were worried about Simon

While others were not....

Harry just saying what we're all thinking!

Alberto is more concerned for himself than his character...

Jade really does ship all of our favorite couples/friendships

There's no better way to prove your friendship to a hungry vampire than to get locked in a cage with them #Climon!

We assume Kat was talking about Raphael here...

If you can't trust Simon, who can you trust??

But how did everyone feel about the whole Vamps/Wolves collaboration?

David and Isaiah joke about their onscreen snark war

If only Raphael and Luke had the kind of bromance that Isaiah and David have!

But the cast weren't when it came to Jace and Alec's bust up!

And Matthew wasn't impressed with Emeraude's post-fight comforting skills!

Not that she didn't deserve a romantic moment after kicking ass all through the episode!

We hope you had a magical birthday, Emeraude!

And the cast knew which plot twist would shock us the most

The cast clearly had a lot of fun hanging out watching the episode together

Isaiah fangirls harder than anyone

And when these guys were all getting up to mischief after broadcast...

Matthew pondered just what Dom would be doing!

Alec missing Jace or Matthew missing Dom?

Isaiah showed just how much he loves his co-stars!

And Jade and Alberto showed how much they love us!


With this hint from Matt, how could you not want to tune in for next week's episode?!

Don't miss episode ten on Tuesday, March 15!

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