Adulthood According to Stitchers: Expectations Versus Reality

Anyone else expect to get paid a lot more?

Adulthood's not everything it's cracked up to be, just ask the Stitchers crew. Check out all the ways adulthood doesn't match our childhood expectations. We're pretty sure you'll say "same."

Dinner Parties

Expectation: A classy affair -- matching tableware, everyone drinking apƩritifs, cocktail attire.
Reality: PJs, takeout, and TV on the couch.


Expectation: Lounging around while wearing big Hollywood sunglasses and firing off sassy one-liners.
Reality: You're trying to remember where you left your sunglasses and firing off sassy one-liners.

Date Nights

Expectation: Dinner by candlelight, kisses in the rain, and picnics under the stars.
Reality: Household projects, paying bills, and washing laundry.

Office Meetings

Expectation: Beanbag chairs, free pastries, promotions.
Reality: Boring presentations, endless new tasks, same paycheck.

Your Everyday Style

Expectation: Put-together, stylish clothes that showcase your inner self.
Reality: Whatever is clean.

Does adulthood meet your expectations?

At least Stitchers does. Keep up with the latest episodes, as well your other favorite shows right here on Freeform.

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